Tips For Buying the Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Want to Buy An Adjustable Dumbbell Set? Then READ this!

Before the market was crowded with dumbbells, we only have a few of these products and all of them (back then) were really cool and extremely wonderful.

However, after everyone could afford adjustable dumbbells set, manufacturers start coming out of every nook and cranny in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, just to mention a few, buyers are now faced with the hard choice of which dumbbell they should buy, and which best adjustable dumbbells suits their personal needs.

After going through this situation myself and having bought some of this fitness system that does not suit my personal need. After buying and working with dumbbell sets for years, I have finally come to understand the secret to selecting the best adjustable dumbbells that suits my need.

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell System

My Five (5) Secret to Buying the Best Adjustable Dumbbells That Fit into MY Need and How You can Too!

1. Weight Range:

Before you even click the “purchase” button, you must have first thought about this. Before buying any of these products, you should look for the weights available with each set of adjustable dumbbells.

Also note that you won’t always need the highest or the lowest range of weights. However, what you should also put to consideration is the fact that the more weights you pick up, the more space you will need to stash them.

So this depends solely on you, depending on your needs, you will go for a different set of weights.

But if your goal why you need these strength building tools is do heavy duty lifting, the higher range of weights with 50 – 75 pounds on each hand is the perfect match for you.

But if you are looking to tone up your muscle and aspire to be fit all round, you can go for the lower ranges of weights of 25 pounds or so. It keeps you fit and get you to look healthy and fit.

2. Price:

This should have made the very first factor which we should consider before buying any product. One thing I noticed after living so many years on earth (thanks to God) is that most people go for the cheaper products always.
But this should be different when you decide to buy a dumbbell, because the cheap adjustable dumbbells might not have everything you desire in a dumbbell.

However, if you are on tight budget, there are some products under 100 and 200 dollars ($) that are worth it. I have used them and they are very effective in workout.

But don’t let the price to stop you from selecting the best, and buying one that would last longer and serve you better. Which one would you prefer?

A cheap product that last six month, or an affordable product that lasts longer and comes with warranty? Remember that cheap products don’t come with warranty.

3. Ease of Adjusting Weight:

One thing that I always look up before buying any set is the sets ability to let me change the weights easily during a workout without me doing it manually, by removing the plates and adding them back again. You should also look for this feature whenever you decide to buy an adjustable dumbbell set.

One thing that irritates all trainers and trainee is that in middle of a workout and you decide to change weight, only for you to start figuring out how to change weights or spending precious time changing weights.

It’s both time consuming and can get on your nerve, which I advise you avoid or you might just smash the set against the nearest world which will certainly cost some damage.

4. Weight Increments:

What’s an ideal dumbbells set without the option of increasing weights? The ideal set is a set that allows you to make weight increments in your desired range within a short period of time and with just a few clicks.
Do make sure you check to see that the dumbbells you select allows you increase weights easily and also at a comfortable rate.

5. Quality:
Quality! How powerful this word is. One thing I never forget or neglect to do, is to pay special attention to the quality of construction used in crafting the dumbbells.

When you decide to buy one, ensure that you inspect the locking mechanism and its durability. One thing that you won’t want while working out, is your weights slipping out of your hands while you’re in the middle of your workout. This can be deadly and dangerous, because you can break your leg.

So to avoid situations like this, do pay close attention to the grip available on the various dumbbells.
One thing I also noticed is that there are many dumbbells with large grips that are not the best fit for those with smaller hands, so you should choose the one that fits into your hands.

However, you should not be bothered by this, because lots of the modern dumbbells feature ergonomic grips that fit themselves to your palm and fingers seamlessly.