About Me

Isaiah Joseph From Africa, Nigeria and have been giving out fitness tips for years now, am also proud to admit that i have up to six packs. I decided to open this blog as a mean to reach out to everyone who want to buy the best adjustable dumbbells or just adjustable dumbbells set.

I have come across several dumbbells, even bench dumbbells, and yes, i have reviewed quite a few of them, so i guess you know that i know what am saying.

I also have friends that are specialist and trainers for years, and we do discuss a lot on building abs, methods that works, and most importantly, we do discuss and analyst dumbbells that are the best, which also have a great review from customers. There has been great dumbbells which have just lost their stamina to dominate the market over the years.

Over the years, i have used quite a number of dumbbells, and i will be sharing my experience about each and everyone of them, ranging from bowflex, powerpak, ironmaster, powerblock, among others.

I would not be praising any dumbbell that is not worth it here, so when reading about any dumbbells here, just know that am speaking from the depth of my experience while using them.

I will also be interviewing lots and lots of Trainers, i will feature great bloggers who are also trainers too, so just tighten your seat belt. Just like the name of this blog says: “Best Adjustable Dumbbells God” i plan to be one best source for people who want to read about dumbbells, checkout the best dumbbells reviews, sets and among others.

I will be selling dumbbells too from original source like Amazon and other trusted websites, so just stay calm when you buy a dumbbell from us, because we’ll surely you the best deals on dumbbells, and at the cheapest price.

Once again, thanks for reading about Me and about the motive behind Best Adjustable Dumbbells God.

Isaiah Joseph.